Coming Soon: New Singles!

Back At It... 

Hey guys, Matt here. Just wanted to let you know that we've been back in the studio this Spring working on new material. We have two new singles in the works... One bluesy, raw and angry, one up tempo and a bit more pop from what I'm used to writing. Keep ya posted <3


New Album -- The Things We Tell Strangers -- 2018 

Hi Friends,

We're nearly done mixing the new record and I'm loving how it's sounding! Pre-order info coming soon!

The Things We Tell Strangers will be our second full-length studio album. In June of 2017 we spent a week on the Northeast River in Maryland having a blast... oh yea and we made a record too. Produced by Matt Muir and Matt Spitko, the album will be ten tracks, including a couple of songs (Nightcrawler Blues, Still Rollin') that we'd been playing live for a few years but hadn't yet recorded. Plus all the new jamz. Talk soon - Happy Thanksgiving!!

Goings On...

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